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Soupbox features recipes that have been regularly Voted Best Soup in Chicago. 

- Paula Deen named Soupbox in her "10 Best Spots for Soups Across the Country”

- Rachel Ray’s Tasty Travels Best Soup in Chicago

- Voted Best Comfort Food in Chicago

- The TV series "ER"

- Chicago Sun-Times

- Chicago Magazine

"Soup is Liquid Comfort"
Soupbox founder, Jamie Taerbaum, travels all over the globe and seeks flavors to set his soup creations apart from the rest. He’s found ingredients and unique foods in places like Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Sweden, Serbia, France, Italy, Spain, Aruba, Netherlands, Thailand, Virgin Islands and Nepal. You name it, he’s probably heard of it.

His personal philosophy about soup is just like in life: "We all just want to feel good, so we add and subtract things from our life to align with that feeling until we get it just right. That's how I live my life, and that's how I try to make our soup. So think outside the box!"

Soupbox now features soup recipes that have been voted best in Chicago year after year. With 12 fresh soups every day with varieties including low-fat, vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and spicy options. Soupbox has been recognized by a myriad media outlets including Rachel Ray’s Tasty Travels, Best Soup in Chicago, Best Comfort Food in Chicago, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, WGN TV, ABC News, MetroMix, Chicago Magazine, the TV series "ER", and Paula Deen named Soupbox in her "10 Best Spots for Soups Across the Country". Plus many others.

Jamie was approached by RacePoint Publishing in 2012 to create "The Soupbox Cookbook" which has sold over 30,000 copies to date. Then in 2020 Crestline Books published Jamie's book titled "The Ultimate Soup Cookbook: Sensational Soups for Healthy Living" which has excellent reviews and is even a better seller so far.

Joining the Soupbox team in 2018, Fred Wilson quickly rose through ranks starting his training as General Manager in less than a year. Fred grew up on the south side of chicago in Englewood. His passion for teamwork and his hard working nature has rubbed off on the team, which in turn has helped elevate great service at Soupbox even more. The “Gentle Giant” of Soupbox has talents outside of serving soup. He’s also a recording artist, writer of two books ("Spoken, Not Words" available on Amazon), and most recently has started directing film. With his chill demeanor, and empathetic personality; Fred looks to lead the team to new heights, but most importantly continuing to give that same great, infamous service Soupbox has known for 20+ years.

We believe "worries always go down better with soup!"